Embassy of United State of America

This letter of appreciation is awarded is awarded to you for your exemplary and extraordinary services in clearing from Calcutta port and transporting time-sensitive construction material shipments to Kathmandu for the purpose of building the New Embassy Compound(NEC) in Kathmandu.
During the period of over three years(2004-2007) your company cleared and transported approximately 500 sea containers from Calcutta 550 air shipments from the Kathmandu International airport.

The Embassy appreciates your sincere efforts of getting the shipments cleared and delivered to the NEC site in a timely manner even at a time when Nepal was in the height of political disturbances including the Bundhs and general strikes at the border and Kathmandu valley. Your contribution in delivering the construction materials on time was vital to completion of the NEC as scheduled.

Thank you,

Manuel O. Martinez , Second Secreatory ( Supervisory General Services Officer )
Embassy of United State of America