Candell International S DE RL

I am the project manager for Caddell construction on the United States Embassy here in Kathmandu. The embassy is nearly an eighty million dollor project that lasted over two years.

During this time we have had the opportunity to work with Trans Himalayan Express. Our contact and working relationship was generally through Mr. Uttam Bhattarai, although we dealt with lot of people with their firm to make this project work. They were faced with lots of problems trying to get our material to the site.

There were monthly customs closures, weekly bandhas ,the over through of the king, and just the general problems of keeping abreast of the changing political landscape.

However, through this all Trans Himalayan Express worked wonders! Keeping us informed often in advance of the problem. Key to the completion of this project is the “Making it happen” attitude of Mr. Uttam Bhattarai and the people with Trans Himalayan. We truly could not have completed the project without them. They have to be proud of the job well done.

Jon R. Gruenwald , Projecy Manager ( NEC project )
Candell International S DE RL